We make quality jewellery to keep forever and we are passionate about sustainable, slow fashion.

Olivia Cooper is our brand mascot and although she is a fictional character, she helps to guide our decisions. There is a little Olivia in all of us! She cares about fashion but also about our planet and people. She cares about quality products that are affordable. She knows how one piece of jewellery can elevate a whole outfit. She knows what suits her but isn’t afraid to try new things. She is often rushing out the door but throws on an accessory or two and feels put together. She is passionate, fun and caring, just like you! By putting our products through the Olivia Filter we instantly know whether a design has legs or not.

Our Values

Our Materials

At Olivia Cooper we craft all our Scottish-designed pieces in 18ct gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may), thick 18ct gold on sterling silver. At 5 times thicker than standard gold plating, vermeil lasts. No more rubbing off and showing the silver underneath. Because who wants to wear that jewellery?

Our luxury necklaces are more affordable than solid gold but you can still wear them in the same way and they will stand the test of time.

We source all our gold, pearls and gemstones from manufacturers with a proven ethical supply chain.

Our Commitment

It’s not just the quality we are proud of but our commitment to slow fashion where we always strive to do better:

  • We are a carbon neutral company.
  • We give back 10% of our net profits to charity. See our giving back policy  here.
  • We use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible.
  • We use manufacturers with a proven ethical supply chain.
  • We produce in low quantities to sell everything and reduce waste.

Our Customers

Without you, Olivia Cooper wouldn’t exist. We value you more than you know and we offer: 

  • Free delivery on all UK orders
  • 10% off your first order
  • All orders ship fast and tracked
  • Buy now, pay later with Klarna
  • Luxury packaging with every order
  • Fast Customer Service

A note from our founder and creative director, Hannah Oertel:

Hannah Oertel

“My Mum had a huge black case full of boxes and pouches where I could find every type of jewellery imaginable. I would always beg her to get the case out and would love looking through all those vintage pieces, trying things on and hearing the stories behind them, it felt magical and gave me my love of jewellery. 

I actually started my first jewellery business at the age of 10. Going into the bead shop felt like Aladdin’s cave and I would spend hours on the floor of my bedroom bringing pieces to life. My dad fashioned a kind of sandwich board and I wore my full collection like a tiny, female Del-Boy. Up and down the streets I went and “Jolly Jewellery” was deemed a success. Never mind the fact a small child with homemade creations was standing on people’s doorsteps, I was convinced it was my show stopping designs that were winning people over!

As an adult, I found my footing as an entrepreneur and went on to become a business coach. I helped mentor and coach other business owners all over the world as they started and scaled their businesses and still work with a very limited number of clients today. And whilst I loved helping people with the vision, strategy and branding for their businesses, I sometimes felt desperate to get my hands dirty in my own work. I am a creative at heart and knew it was time to return to my first love of jewellery. 

I wanted to create a brand that cared about quality, design, affordability, giving back and their customers. So in the middle of lockdown 2020, the journey began. 

I hope you have as much joy wearing our pieces as I have creating them.”

Hannah x

age 10, hitting the streets with her first designs.