Olivia Cooper is a fictional character that embodies the image of timeless elegance. We care about quality products that are affordable.

We make quality jewellery to keep forever and we are passionate about sustainable, slow fashion.

Our Values

Our Materials

Olivia Cooper is a Scottish based company, working with pieces in 18ct gold vermeil (pronounced ver-may), thick 18ct gold on sterling silver. At 5 times thicker than standard gold plating, vermeil lasts. No more rubbing off and showing the silver underneath. Our luxury necklaces are more affordable than solid gold but you can still wear them in the same way and they will stand the test of time. We source all our gold, pearls and gemstones from manufacturers with a proven ethical supply chain.

Our Commitment

It’s not just the quality we are proud of but our commitment to slow fashion where we always strive to do better:

  • We are a carbon neutral company.
  • We give back to charities, close to our hearts. See our giving back policy.  here.
  • We use recycled and recyclable packaging wherever possible.
  • We use manufacturers with a proven ethical supply chain.

Our Customers

Without you, Olivia Cooper wouldn’t exist. We value you more than you know and we offer: 

  • Free delivery on all UK orders
  • 15% off your first order
  • All orders ship fast and tracked
  • Buy now, pay later with Klarna
  • Luxury packaging with every order
  • Fast Customer Service

A note from our creative director, Dilyana Twist:

Hannah Oertel

A lifelong love story with timeless beauty, grew to a big dream and all that came true…her name is Olivia Cooper! Olivia embodies all that is gentle but strong, modern but timeless, old and new. From my fascination with elegance, to the excitement that comes with creating, I love Olivia with all my heart. She helps me connect  with myself and others, we grow and learn together, and the best part is that  we reach people all over the world and put a smile on their faces! Walking the unique streets of my Edinburgh, I find inspiration each day and come back to the drawing board, where another pretty piece starts to form.

My mission is to create affordable and beautiful pieces  responsibly sourced, that will be with you for years to come. Olivia is honest, gentle and proud. I love her and I hope you would too!

Dily x